A Short Introduction


My name is Solène Lejosne. I am an Assistant Researcher at the Space Sciences Laboratory – UC Berkeley, where I conduct research on the Earth’s radiation belts.

I received my Ph.D. in Space Physics in 2013 from the University of Toulouse, France, for my contribution to the understanding of the radial diffusion process.

A little more…

Raised in Givet, in the French Ardennes, I found a one-way ticket to go explore the world through education. I enrolled to become a student from the classes préparatoires scientifiques of Lycee Henri IV in Paris prior to graduating from the École Polytechnique and the ISAE-Supaero.

In the course of this journey, I had the chance to sign up for some unique adventures: from working a summer in a zoo in Mexico, to being a lieutenant in French Polynesia, through getting introduced to skydiving. I had also the opportunity to explore a bunch of academic disciplines: from maths to philosophy through mechanics or even economics; even so, physics remained my primary interest, for being the most awe-inspiring to me.

One of my teachers once claimed that physics was nothing but a “desperate attempt to understand the world we’re living in”. I still reflect on this statement from time to time. I am an admirer of those great minds that elaborate physics, and of those who decide to embark for such a colorful and demanding enterprise. And now my secret wish is to contribute.