More on the “Zebra Stripes”

My very first post on this website was on the “zebra stripes”, an intriguing feature present in electron energy spectrograms measured in the Earth’s inner radiation belt and slot region. A lot of research remains to be done on this topic, and I am happy to share some of the most recent findings.

1) Zebra stripes are usually created during substorm onset, a time at which prompt penetration electric fields are present in the plasmasphere.
For more info on the method and findings, there is now JGR Space Physics article on this! [access here]

2) The zebra stripe pattern can be disrupted and inversed in the slot region.
The first observations of this remarkable feature are presented and interpreted in our latest Geophysical Research Letter [access here]

In summary: the “zebra stripes” visible at Earth (and also Saturn!) are an exciting research topic containing a wealth of information on trapped particle dynamics.

More to come! Feedback, questions, collaborations welcome.

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