Peer-Reviewed Publications:


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  • Lejosne, S., & Kollmann, P. (2020), Radiation Belt Radial Diffusion at Earth and Beyond. Space Science Reviews, [access here] – read associated blogpost here

Non-Refereed Publications:

  • Kollmann, P., Allegini, F., Allen, R. C., André, N., Azari, A. R., Bagenal, F., … Woodfield, E. (2021). Magnetospheric Studies: A requirement for addressing interdisciplinary mysteries in the Ice Giant systems. Bulletin of the AAS, 53(4). [White paper, access here]

Research Topics:

Earth’s inner magnetosphere – Radiation Belts –  Adiabatic Invariant Theory – Third Invariant (L*) – Radial Transport – Radial Diffusion – Drift – “Zebras Stripes”  – DC and Low Frequency Electric Field Measurements (Van Allen Probes EFW) – Subauroral Region – Subauroral Polarization Streams (SAPS) – Wind Dynamo – Disturbance Dynamo – Prompt Penetration Electric Fields – Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling